Las Vegas International Lingerie Show: The Sexy Side of Lingerie

Disclosure: The International Lingerie Show is a The Lingerie Addict advertiser. However, they did not contribute to the content of this article, and all words are my own.

In the last of our trend reports from this season’s Lingerie Market, I’m talking about my first ever visit to the Las Vegas International Lingerie Show. Being the newbie at a tradeshow can be super hard (you don’t know anyone…no one knows you), but I had a genuinely good time at this one. Not only was everyone incredibly nice and welcoming (I didn’t once have to explain what a blog is!), I also saw a very different and, in some ways, more relevant and inclusive side of the lingerie industry by attending.

The other three tradeshows I went to earlier this year (the Paris Salon International de la Lingerie, Curve New York, and the Designer Lingerie Showcase) all focus on high-end, boutique, and fashion lines, but the International Lingerie Show is very, very much about the sexy lingerie. While there were some brands there which would be a good fit for a traditional boutique (and I’ll be talking about them later on in the article as they’re also the brands I liked most), I saw a lot of sex toy shop friendly ravewear, clubwear, and stripper wear…which, of course, is great because people have all kinds of tastes.

Even more interestingly, though, I found the International Lingerie Show to be radically size inclusive. In a lot of ways, the boutique lingerie industry is just waking up to the fact that women over a size 10 want beautiful lingerie too. But many of the brands at ILS have been making size 3X, 4X, even 5X and beyond for years (in fact, 4 of the 5 brands in this article go up to at least a 3X).

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